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Pianist for Wedding Ceremony

Live piano music provides a classy, beautiful, romantic background from the moment your guests arrive.

wedding ceremony
Happy new couple

Wedding Ceremonies Brought to Life

From the intimate walk down the aisle to the celebratory moments after saying "I do", let my piano melodies set the perfect ambiance for your wedding ceremony. Each note carefully crafted, I ensure that every song resonates with the love and commitment you're celebrating.

What's Included?

  • Guests Arrival: 3-5 pieces of music

  • Bridal Procession: 1 piece of music

  • Signing of the Register: 2-3 pieces of music

  • Exit of the new Bride and Groom: 1 piece of music

Couple just married

Everything Centred Around YOU

I will meet with you in person to discuss the music for your Wedding Day and all the relevant details such as timings and the positioning of the baby grand piano at your chosen venue.

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